Joining the Club

Dues are $35 a year per active family or single membership, $50 for non-active members. Active members are required to attend at least 6 meetings a year and do 6 hours of work on either club trails, activities, or social events. The membership year runs from August 1st to August 1st of the following year. Membership dues must be payed by the October meeting. Meeting are held on the first Monday of every month, (excluding holidays), at 8:00 PM at The Hunters Nest on Big Muskego Lake.

Membership Form, printout and mail in.

The benefits of club membership are:

Use of the club's groomed trail system.
Seven issues of the Wisconsin Snowmobiling News magazine, September to March of the season.
Participation in the Landowners Dinner for your family, includes food and drink.
Participation in the Christmas party for your family, includes food and drink and a gift for each child under 12 from Santa.
The club actively working to protect your snowmobiling rights.
You get all these benefits and more for your $35 a year active family or single membership.


United We Trail - Divided We Fail!

Why Should I Belong to a Snowmobile Club?
What Can a Club Do For Me?

Before a trail is even started, someone has to lay out where you want it to go. They then go to each landowner and get permission to cross his or her property. The landowners also donate the use of their property. So keep this in mind when you are on the trails. Please respect the land you are on. Stay on the trails! Once we have the agreements from all the landowners, we then have to make sure the groomer can get through without breaking anything on the drag or groomer itself. This means we sometimes have to remove rocks, stumps, or small trees, if we get the landowner's permission. We then go through and put up stakes and mark the trails with signs, so everyone knows where they are at.

What does it cost to put in and maintain a trail system? For each mile of trail it takes approximately 18 blazers at $2.00 each, 18 2x2's at $.75 each, 4 stop signs at $4.00 each, and 8 information signs at $5.00 each. A total of over $105 per mile.

When the trail is all in and the snow comes, the trail has to be groomed. A good groomer can cost anywhere from $10,000 to $70,000 thousand dollars. Then you need a drag, they cost $3,000-$6,000 thousand dollars. What about fuel to run the groomer? When it breaks down, who fixes it? Who drives it? Donated time again by a club member.

In the spring when everyone has put their machines away for the summer and are getting their boats ready for the lakes, the club members are back out taking down the signs and stakes. They take them apart and store them away to wait for next fall.

We also check for any damage done over the winter. If we find anything wrong we go to the landowner and make arrangements to fix the problem or pay for any damage done. We hope they will let us use the trail again next year.

One more time, What can my club do for me? Or to paraphrase the late John F. Kennedy, ASK NOT WHAT MY CLUB CAN DO FOR ME, BUT WHAT CAN I DO FOR MY CLUB.

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