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Weather Information - Select the State or City you want weather for
Snowmap Data - Good source for snow ground cover
U.S. Snow depth map - Another good source.
1998 Farmers Almanac - Click on Weather: Long Range, for this years weather prediction. Looks good.
El Nino information - Interesting site with information about El Nino.
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Trail Reports

Trail #100 in Western Upper Michigan was an extremely poor trail during the 1997-1998 season. This trail makes a loop thru forests from Saxon Harbor, on the Wisconsin border to Iron Wood, Michigan just North of Hurley. The trail was never groomed due to it's narrow width. This made for very slow going rolling along up and down the trail. It was barely wide enough for one sled! Due to the extreme slow speed (0-5mph), many sleds overheated. This trail should be avoided until it is made wider and is groomed.
Maine Snowmobile - Snowmobiling info on Maine
Wisconsin Trail Reports
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Trail Maps

For Wisconsin trail maps, check out the snowmobiling and Wisconsin page.
Will be updated soon.
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News Articles

USNews article on snowmobiling in Yellow Stone Park.
Time Magazine article on snowmobiling and Yellow Stone Park - March 1997
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Usenet - alt.snowmobiles - Good source for snowmobiling related info
Usenet - - Great source for snowmobiling related info
Sledhead - Great source for talking snowmobiling, forums, etc.
Sno West - Good magazine
American Snowmobiler Magazine - Great online magazine
Snow Connections Magazine - Good new online snowmobiling magazine
The Snowmobile Homepage - Good international site from Sweden
Snowmobiling Online - Great source for snowmobiling related info
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Other Snowmobile Sites

Snowmobile Heaven - Good site out of Ontario Canada
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