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This September, the Riverbend Benders Snowmobile Club of Cary, Illinois will again be the hosts for the final event of the International Watercross Association (IWA). The World Championship of Snowmobiling Watercrossing will be determined on September 26 & 27, 1998 at a new location Lambs Farm, just outside Libertyville, Illinois. The series includes up to 80 drivers drag racing side by side in four different classes ranging from 0-600cc Trail Stock machines machines to the Pro Mod class which have been known to clock over 70 mph on water. The two classes of oval races are always the highlight of the weekend with both Semi-Pro and Pro Oval races scheduled for both days.

Seeing three professional watercrossers doing ovals around the lake never fails to fascinate the crowd. This event does prove that with enough horsepower any vehicle can do almost anything. The winner in the oval races is quite often the last snowmobile still on top of the water. The racing is as good as it gets, with all the racers doing their best to get end of year points for that extra cash award Sunday evening.

On Sunday morning the pros step aside and let the amateurs try their hand at crossing water with their own machines. The crowd always finds a reason to cheer on these drivers who try to make it across 900 feet of open water to the safety of the opposite shore. If the driver makes the distance, the spectators give him or her a round of applause. If the driver does not make it across, the crowd seems to cheer even louder as the snowmobile sinks into the depths of the lake.

This year's event will be bigger and better than ever. A snow show held in conjunction with the event is hosted by the Northeastern Illinois Association of Snowmobile Clubs. This show allows snowmobilers one of the earliest looks at this year's merchandise and an opportunity to get ready for winter. Bill Wildt of Motorsports Unlimited will be on site on Sunday with the Lovely Ladies of Motorsport. Bill has called this event one of the most exciting events he has ever covered in his many years of covering motorized sports.

A portion of each admission will benefit Lambs Farm and their associated programs. Lambs Farm provides a comprehensive program of residential, vocational, and social support services to adults with mental disabilities. Their goal is to enrich their quality of life and to maximize their life skills and experiences at home, work, and in the community. Additional activities include a farmyard & petting zoo, miniature train rides, carousel rides, pony rides, miniature golf, and water wars. Regular admission fees apply. The will be something for everyone from toddlers to adults.

Since all concession sales benefit the Lambs Farm Programs, no picnic baskets or coolers will be allowed.

Another organization that will benefit from the event is Wally Phillips' Neediest Kids Fund.

Come see all the action when Watercross 98 comes to Lambs Farm just off of I 94 on Rt 176 near Libertyville, IL on September 26 & 27, 1998. Admission is just $9. Parking is free. The pros start racing at 10 AM on Saturday and Sunday with the Amateur Snowmobile Watercross from 8 AM - 10AM on Sunday morning.

For more information about the Watercross call the Watercross Hotline at 847-836-8393 or Fax 847-836-6595, or visit our award winning website at

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